Bluewater provides strategic, operational and investment services to grow your technology related operation. We leverage our expertise in business and technology management to
make your business more efficient, responsive, and profitable.

Our services include operational and investment services to grow your technology related company. We help companies with private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions to take companies to next level growth.

System Integration

Bluewater provides services in the development and integration of distributed systems and applications including:

   - Web Solutions                - Project Management
   - System Integration         - IT Consulting

Our solutions are developed by listening carefully to your business plans, studying your business processes, and smartly integrating our comprehensive knowledge and experience into solutions that fit your business.


Infrastructure and Data Center Services

Bluewater delivers solutions for data center processes, infrastructure re-engineering and support, including security, storage and disaster recovery..

Published in Prentice Hall's best selling New Enterprise series; Rightsizing, Managing, Networking and Building the New Enterprise, our experts in Bluewater have built and reengineered Fortune 100 data centers from New York to Hong Kong.

Bluewater has excelled at delivering IT solutions which involve:
  • New technology development

  • Complicated systems integration

  • High risk project management

Our experience includes successful projects with:         



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